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The LCI National Association is dedicated to preserving the history of the World War II Landing Craft Infantry ships and honoring the sailors that manned them. On this site you will find first-hand accounts from the sailors, stories about the battles they fought and the experiences they had, and photos of the men and their ships.

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Saluting Our Coast Guard Shipmates – Flotilla Ten at Normandy and the loss of LCIs 85, 91, 92 and 93

This article first appeared in the January 2007 issue of the Elsie Item (No. 58) and offers details about the loss of four LCIs.  In particular, it discusses the LCI(L)-85 [ … ]

Guns Behind Palagi Rock

By Jeff Veesenmeyer The actions on W-Day 21 July 1944 during the initial assault landings on Agat Beach, Guam. The mission of this vessel, and of LCI(G) Division Fifteen, was [ … ]

David’s Journey

by John France 02/17/2018 David Forman was born July 31, 1923. A native of Kings County, New York, he was the son of immigrants. His father Louis was from Latvia [ … ]

June 2019 (No. 105)
LCI(L) 85: The Four- Leaf Clover

By John France, Historian, USS Landing Craft Infantry National Association On June 6, 1944, U.S.S.  LCI(L) 85 sailed through rough waters towards the Normandy Coast of France. LCI 85 was [ … ]

We Remember Charles “Buster” Lawrence. Why?

Born in 1916, he graduated in 1935 from Benson Polytechnic High School, in Portland, Oregon. His major was aviation mechanics. He joined the Army and served two years as an [ … ]

LCI Veterans Recall D-Day

By Jeff Veesenmeyer “Okay, let’s go.” Those three simple words from General Dwight D. Eisenhower set into motion the largest amphibious invasion in history. An armada of 5,300 ships would [ … ]

Not All LCI Casualties Occurred During the Landings

When you are doing research, something on a page may jump out and seize your attention. This was the case when I was reviewing the WWII Missing in Action files [ … ]

Witness to Invasions, Surrenders and Occupation

By Jeff Veesenmeyer When Chicagoan, Bill Simmons joined the Navy in July of 1944, he had no idea what he would see. At age 17 he wanted to serve and [ … ]

Gator Gossip

By Jeff Veesenmeyer 20 Years Ago – Elsie Item #29 Our 9th reunion at Louisville is now history, it was indeed a very enjoyable and successful reunion. Our attendance was [ … ]

This Day In History

1942 Luftwaffe bombs Stalingrad.  NY Americans NHL team folded.  
1944 In Battle of Arnhem, the Germans defeat the British airborne in the Netherlands.   The massacre of the civilian population of Marzabotto, Italy carried out by units of the 16th SS Armored Infantry Division under the leadership of the notorious SS Sturmbannführer Walter Reder, was one of the worst and most brutal Nazi crimes of World War II. Some 800 people, mainly women, children and older men, were murdered in Marzabotto alone, with another 1,000 killed in surrounding villages. The victims included some 200 children, some only a few days old.  1st TV musical comedy (The Boys from Boise).  
1945 "Mildred Price" starring Joan Crawford opens at Strand.  Canadian football's Calgary Bronks changes its name to Stampeders.  Robert T. Duncan appears as Tonio in "I Pagliacci".  

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