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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following is a list of frequently asked questions received by the USS LCI National Association.  If you do not find  your question or answer, please contact us or any Officer or Executive Board Director.  We are available to help you.

How can I find information about an LCI crew member and the ship on which he served?

There are several ways to find out more about a LCI crew member and/or the ship on which he served.  You can search our website’s Elsie Item Archives by inserting the name of the LCI crew member or by inserting the LCI’s hull number.

Information on each LCI including the ship’s specifications, awards, citations, campaigns and photographs can also be found in NavSource. The USS LCI National Association Facebook Page is another resource for connecting or finding out about LCI shipmates.  Information for service members is also accessible online with a paid subscription at Fold3 or Ancestry where a LCI’s Muster Roll can identify a service member’s ship, service number, and other information.

Copies of the ship’s Deck Log, Action Reports and other information can also provide valuable information regarding the ship’s movements, landings and  personnel.  To learn how you can obtain the official documents for each LCI contact the National Archives at College Park.

How can I obtain a copy of a LCI veteran’s military service record or the medals he received?

A veteran’s military personnel record, medals received and related information can be obtained from the National Personal Records Center (NPRC). Instructions, required information, and other details for obtaining the record are found by accessing the NPRC Veterans’ Service Records.

How can I provide documents, stories, videos, photographs and other material related to LCI veterans and/or LCIs to the USS LCI National Association?

Documents, stories, photographs, videos and other materials you would like to share with the USS LCI National Association can be mailed to John France, President, USS LCI National Association, 11621 Copper Spring Trail, Oro Valley, AZ  85737.  If you prefer to email your material, send as an attachment to John France at lc****@ao*.com.

I have World War II artifacts, relics, or memorabilia.  Where can I send these Items?

Unfortunately, the USS LCI National Association does not have a museum or the ability to accept these items.  However, if you have any specific Landing Craft Infantry artifacts, the LCI (L) 713 has a list of items that it would like to have for their restoration project.  The LSI (L) 1091 is also seeking items for their restoration project.   For other artifacts, you could contact the National World II Museum or the World War II Museum of the Pacific War to see if they are interested in adding your items to their collection.

Where can I find out more about the LCIs’ role in amphibious landings and invasions in the Mediterranean, Europe and the Pacific  during World War II?

There are many You Tube Videos available to view LCIs in Action during World War II including Videos of Landing Craft Infantry or Landing Craft Infantry Landings and Invasions.  There are others specific to Invasions in the European and Pacific Theaters that are easily accessible.  There are also many publications, books and other material related to LCIs.  We will add these to our Research Resources soon.

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