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The 2019 LCI National Reunion!

On May 3-5 2019, the AFMM proudly hosted the LCI WWII Veterans Reunion. 13 veterans attended along with family and friends for a total of over 85. Everyone had a great time. Activities included: a reception, business meeting, memorial service, LCI-713 tours, DUKW rides, Famous Dave’s BBQ, Portland Spirit Champagne Cruise on the Willamette River and banquet dinner featuring the Parkrose High School Debonaires.

LCI-713 was decked out and looking great!
Tom, Jo Armstrong and Rick Holmes on the Portland Spirit
4 Generations honor Ralph Rayner LCI-944
Parkrose High School Debonaires choral group with the LCI Veterans, Great music!
Royal Wetzel on the “50”
Rich Lovell, Del Hollinger and Chris Shelvik with the Portland Spirit Captain
Leroy Olson and grandson by the 20mm
AFMM Chairman Emeritus Gordon Smith and Sharon singing Anchors Aweigh
Thanks to Steve Greenberg for the rides on his fabulous DUKW!
Vern Malmquist of LCI-948 and 3 generations of family to honor him
The LCI Veterans on the well deck of the 713.
Robert interviews Del Hollinger
John Stanley of LCI-958 with Carol
The Memorial Service, Rich Lovell at the podium and bagpiper Goeff Frasier
The Wrights, Robert and Richard with Karen and Diane having fun at Famous Daves
713 Mascots Clair and Rio with Bob Miller
Harold (LCI 412) and Bob McCreary with Sue Cosper
  1. Bill Hinte

    Are there any vets left from the LCI(G) 67 gunboat? My Uncle William E Hinte was assigned to that boat. He died 11 Oct 2015. I don’t know if he attended the 2015 Rsunion in Charleston or not. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you, I am a vet of US Army and US Air Force.

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