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Officers and Executive Board

Please feel free to contact any of the officers or directors listed below for whatever comments, questions or assistance you may need. We’re here to serve you!

You can also send us a message via our online contact form, or email us at


Robert E. Wright, Jr.
Son of Robert E. Wright, WWII,
USS LCI(L) 20, USS LCI(L) 996 & USS LCI(L) 997

Richard Lovell
Vice President
LCI(L) 713 Restoration Project, Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum

Peter Selan
Nephew of Leo Peter Selan, (KIA), WWII, LCI(G) 561 & LCI(G) 475

Executive Board

Joe Flynn
Editor, Elsie Item
California Director
Brother of LaVerne C. Flynn, WWII, LCI(G)347

Stan Galik
Son of Stanley Galik, WWII, LCI(L) 35

Dr. Michael A. Pikos
Son of Anthony M. Pikos, WWII, LCI(L) 14

Lisa Bittle Tancredi
Daughter of Robert D. Bittle, WWII, LCI(L) 944


Abe Laurenzo
WW II Veteran, LCI(L) 409 & LCI(L) 47

Directors Emeritus

Rod Scurlock
Vice President Emeritus
WWII Veteran, LCI(G) 565

Gordon Smith
Director Emeritus
WWII Veteran, LCI(L) 43


John M. France
European Theater of Operations
Son of Frank T. France, WWII, USS LCI(L) 540

Dennis Blocker
Pacific Theater of Operations
Grandson of Clifford Lemke, WWII, LCI(G) 449

  1. Jack Wood

    Hello my name is Jack Wood. Served on the LCI-G-472 (Gun ship troop carrier). Work with the demolition team 11 days prior to invasion of Guam. Received the Navy citation award. My position, stood watches inside the engine room, operating the quad diesel engines. Also, manned the 40MM Bow pointer position. I was 17 years old back in ’44.

    1. Steve Rudge

      Jack – My father was the CO of the 472 (Al Rudge). I have researched the ship and the crew and have contacted crew members and their families. I have musters, action reports, pictures, and other information I have shared with families. I have also set up a page on Facebook only for family members of the 472. I do not want to post my contact information but if you or one of your family members is on Facebook or Ancestry .com I could find you/them. Also, if you can tell me where you live I can probably find you and contact you.

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