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The USS LCI National Association and the Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum (AFMM-LCI (L) 713) Alliance

The goal of the alliance between the USS LCI National Association and the Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum is really simple: Organize the groups to perpetuate LCI history and honor United States Navy‘s World War II sailors and ships of the Amphibious Forces.  Besides this shared mission, the AFMM and LCI National Association also coordinate the planning and conducting the annual reunion since many individuals are members of both organizations.

The AFMM has the LCI-713 restoration project, a collection of LCI and WWII artifacts, and a historical database. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which means that donations qualify for tax deductions and that its business is an educational one. The educational part goes along with honoring our veterans by preserving the history and educating the public of their sacrifice. The AFMM is an all-volunteer organization entirely funded by donations, mostly from its membership. The AFMM publishes the Deck Log magazine for its membership.

The USS LCI National Association is a 501(c)(19) nonprofit veterans fraternal organization that also qualifies for tax deductible contributions or donations and its members are LCI veterans, their families, friends, and others dedicated to honoring those veterans and preserving their history. It collects historical information and stories, publishes the Elsie Item Magazine and organizes annual LCI veterans’ reunions. The USS LCI National Association is an all-volunteer organization with Officers and an Executive Board managing the affairs of the Association.

Sounds like two pretty complementary groups! To date, the two groups have been working together on historical materials, publications, the websites, Facebook pages and a historical archive. The AFMM will host reunions in Portland, OR such as the one conducted in May 2017.

Please note that the groups are still independent organizations and are separately funded and managed:

  • The USS LCI National Association organization accepts membership dues (currently $30 per year beginning on January 1st of each year (subject to annual review) to defray the cost of the Elsie Item publication for members and also accepts donations to help with operations.
  • The AFMM solicits donations for its mission of restoring the LCI (L) -713 and its operations starting with a $20 membership. Other donors are awarded membership in the AFMM with membership type based on the amount of the donation.

If you are considering a donation to either or both organizations, please ensure that it is given to the intended group(s). 

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