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This Day in History: 1942-08-23

The 1st US flights begin to land on Guadalcanal.  The Battle of Stalingrad begins with 600 German Luftwaffe planes bombing Stalingrad killing 40,000 people.  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill flies back to London from Cairo.  The last Calvary charge in history took place in Isbushenskij, Russia when 600 Italian Savoia Cavalleria with their sabers drawn and yelling their traditional battle cry of “Savoia!” galloped headlong toward  2,000 Soviet infantry armed with machine guns and mortars. Before a crowd of 69,136 at Yankee Stadium, 47-year-old Babe Ruth faced 54-year-old Pitcher Walter Johnson formerly of the Washington Senators in a between game show that raised $80,000 for the Army-Navy Relief Fund. The Washington Senators beat the New York Yankees 7-6, in the first game of the double header and the Yankees won the nightcap 3-0.


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