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This Day in History: 1944-07-20

British and Canadian troops occupy Hill 67, Ifs, Bras, and Frenouville, Normandy.   Death March of 1,200 Jews from Lipcani, Moldavia begins.  Field Marshal Gunther von Kluge consults with German commandant at Caen.  Flying Fortresses of U.S. 8th Air Force attack Leipzig & Dessau, Germany.  General Dwight D. Eisenhower visits General Bernard Montgomery’s headquarter in Normandy.   Heavy storm hampers British offensive at Caen.  Liberators of U.S. 8th Air Force attack Gotha Russelsheim & Eisenach. U.S. 15th Air Force attacks Friedrichshaven & Memmingen, Germany.   U.S. 9th Air Force bombs railroads at Chaulnes Sable-sur-Sarthe  & Dreux, France.  Violent battles in Verrieres-hill (Normandy).  Adolf Hitler survives an assassination attempt by a group of German officials led by German army officer Eric Claus Von Stauffenberg.  Hitler was only wounded in the bomb explosion. U.S. invades Japanese-occupied Guam.  Japanese aircraft carrier Hijo sunk by U.S. air attack.  U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt nominated for an unprecedented 4th term at Democratic convention in Chicago.  Fifty are hurt in rioting in front of the presidential palace in Mexico City.    Cleveland Brown’s Nelson Potter is 1st pitcher suspended for throwing spitballs.


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