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This site is dedicated to…

The men who manned those little ships in the face of incredible danger.

      The freedom they fought to preserve.

      The memories of the boys who didn’t come home.

The USS Landing Craft, Infantry, (LCI) National Association was founded in May 14-18, 1991, in Norfolk, VA. Our members are comprised of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard veterans who served aboard LCI ships during World War II.

Our Associate Members are comprised of family and friends of LCI veterans, non-LCI navy vets, and anyone interested in the history of LCIs in the United States Navy.  We encourage family and friends of LCI veterans, as well as anyone else interested, to join as associate members. Membership is open to the public! Become a member today!

WARNING!  There is on ongoing Scam where people are being telephoned and the caller advises that they are solicitating donations for the National LCI Association.The USS Landing Craft Infantry National Association DOES NOT solicit donations by telephone.Do not fall for this scam!


The USS LCI National Association has two goals:

  • To reconnect LCI shipmates and renew old friendships through our annual reunions.
  • To reach out and connect the younger generations of LCI Navy veterans to each other through our web site.

Our mission is to preserve their history. We highly encourage relatives, loved ones, friends, and simply anyone interested in the history of LCIs, to join as associate members!




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